This is a compilation of Naval's wisdom, quotes, thoughts, and tweets. Put together by Precious M, with the goal of creating the simplest medium to tapping into Naval's wisdom, quotes and thoughts – With a tap of a button, you get a dose of Naval.

Naval is a relic of technology, cryptocurrency, and business.

His wisdom transcends any specific industry or topic, and lays a blanket of awareness over concepts like the self, systems thinking, constructing meaning, and thriving in life.

His understanding of these topic is arguably unrivaled amongst the living.

Most of the aphorisms attributed to Naval are undeniably pithy, cutting straight to the point with no extra fat on the side. This is an individual who has embraced first principles thinking and demonstrated to everyone that it is possible to start from this point in all areas of your life.

If you see his name pop up in a podcast, interview, conference, or anything else, it will be well worth your time to check it out. You are guaranteed to learn something new.

Excepts from Eric Brown, paraphrased by Precious M.

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